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The transition from high school to college is a difficult one, and yet, it is a transition that is often overlooked. This site is to help college bound students, parents, and youth workers stay up to date on the latest research and trends in regards to college transition. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Join the conversation!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Good Times in Tulsa

This weekend I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma presenting the college transition seminar. It was a great time with students and parents. A big thanks to Jay and Brad for their hospitality and encouragement. The First United Methodist Church of Tulsa is doing great ministry, and it was exciting to be a part of it in some small way.

At this particular seminar we spent a good bit of time talking about college students and finances. I presented the issues facing students in this area, especially debt (college loans and credit cards). It has been my experience that most college students don’t know some of the basics of “how money works.” Simple concepts like “compound interest” have not been taught and/or grasped. I try to make the case that part of the responsibility of preparing students for life after high school is teaching them about finances. During the question and answer time, a few parents asked me for resources. Here are a few that I think are helpful:

The Young Americans Center for Financial Education provides valuable statistics here.

You can read the results of an informative Bank of America Survey here.

USA Today has run many articles concerning college students and finances. Start here and then do a search to find more.

My wife and I have benefited from the Good Sense Ministry which has as its mission: "To empower church leaders to implement a biblically based stewardship ministry within the local church.” The material may need to be translated and adapted to reach teenagers, but I think it is a good place to get information and then think through how to present it to youth.


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