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Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Good Website and Essay for Good Friday

On Friday, April 14, Westminster Theological Seminary will launch a website concerning The Da Vinci Code novel and movie. This looks very promising. You can read a press release here. You can visit the website here. From the press release:

"We certainly appreciate the engaging narrative, and recognize an author's right to present a good yarn," explains Dr. Bill Edgar, Professor of Apologetics at Westminster. "But we are concerned because the mix of fact and fiction in the book and presumably the film is leading many readers to question the Bible's message and its impact on history."

Looking for more enjoyable reading over the Easter holiday? I highly recommend this essay by Dr. David Naugle entitled “Language, Liturgy, and Life: Towards a Christian Vision of Education.” Dr. Naugle is a professor at Dallas Baptist University and this address was recently given at the Lexington Christian Academy’s conference “Faith and Worldview Teaching: Cultivating Inquiry Across the Curriculum.”

Dr. Naugle puts forth a powerful vision for Christian education (both secondary and higher education). He first points out the other pervasive and persuasive “educator” of our day, popular culture, and explains how educators must take seriously the ways in which pop culture, fueled by the media, shapes students’ lives. Dr. Naugle then offers a way forward for Christian educators focusing of three areas:

Language: A recovery of a classic Christian vocabulary and way of naming and explaining the world that is rooted in Scripture, and mediated through the diverse yet unified academic disciplines taught in a Christian perspective.

Liturgy: A recognition of the liturgy-like character of education which consists of various academic rituals of formation that are intended to shape students as Christians in their intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional, and physical lives.

Life: A vision that the language and liturgies of Christian education will “reconstitute” the lives of students in godly ways, fostering long-term faithfulness in their private and public callings, and enabling them to serve as agents of God’s kingdom and shalom in every area of thought and life.


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