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The transition from high school to college is a difficult one, and yet, it is a transition that is often overlooked. This site is to help college bound students, parents, and youth workers stay up to date on the latest research and trends in regards to college transition. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Join the conversation!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Where do students go once they graduate?

Kara Powell, executive director of the Center for Youth and Family Ministry (CYFM) at Fuller Theological Seminary, has written a short article releasing some of her findings from her research with CYFM’s College Transition Project.

The article is entitled “Where do they go once they graduate?” and summarizes some of the highlights from a recent conversation with youth workers. Dr. Powell explains that “the common description of maturity is inadequate. Focus group members have found that two common descriptions of seniors’ ‘maturity’ or ‘health’ do not, by themselves, create a healthy bridge into college. The first of these descriptors was a verbal ‘profession of faith.’ The second was ‘performing the faith,’ or showing moral behaviors (i.e., not drinking alcohol, avoiding drugs, sexual abstinence). While both a verbal profession of faith and moral behaviors might be helpful for a graduate, they were generally viewed as inadequate in fully preparing a student for life after college.”

There is also a list and explanation of the “qualities of a graduate who is likely to transition well into college life.” They include having a Christian worldview; being able to articulate the Christian story in one’s own language; being community minded; involvement in a small group; and having adult mentors.

The article includes discussion questions to be used by youth workers and parents to reflect their own practices for preparing students for college.


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